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『Journal of Public Diplomacy』

ISSN: 2765-768X

Publisher: Korean Association for Public Diplomacy (KAPD)

Editor-in-Chief: Kadir Jun Ayhan, Ewha Womans University, Republic of Korea

The Korean Association for Public Diplomacy has launched an international journal devoted to public diplomacy scholarship and practice.

Aims and Scope

JPD was established to attend to a two-fold objective:
· It aims to offer a dedicated space for theoretical and empirical research on public diplomacy to contribute to the grafting of this domain to the mainstream discipline of international relations.
· It intends to serve as a venue for discussions, debates, and exchange of views for scholars and researchers as well as for public diplomacy policymakers and practitioners, thus becoming an intellectual bridge that connects all aspects of public diplomacy.

JPD is a double-blind peer-reviewed and open-access journal published biannually online in June and in December. JPD invites papers related to public diplomacy research, policy, practice, and evaluation. The journal also welcomes papers delving into methodological issues or pedagogy pertaining to public diplomacy.
As an interdisciplinary journal, JPD welcomes contributions from discrete domains including, but not limited to, international relations, foreign policy, communications, public relations, social psychology, marketing, business administration, education, data sciences, and scientometrics. Contributors may employ quantitative, qualitative, mixed, computational, or other methodologies.

For inquiries, you can email us at or

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